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male hypoactive sexual desire disorder

Treatment Guides

male hypoactive sexual desire disorder

You will be assigned a specific diagnosis of a sexual disorder ( male hypoactive sexual desire disorder)

You will develop a treatment guide for this disorder. The guide will include the following information:

• An overview of the etiology of the disorder
• Exact DSM V criteria for diagnosis
• Available treatments for the disorder
• Overall outcomes for each treatment

And the most important part of the project:

  • Create a Case study
  • Diagnose the patient
  • Design a treatment plan. It must contain 3 GOALS and for each GOAL create 3 measurable OBJECTIVES or (interventions) for therapy with its target date.

You must be specific in each category and provide enough detail that a clinician could use your guide to diagnose a client, explain to that client all possible causes of the disorder and develop and implement a treatment plan for a client with alternative treatments to be used if the treatment is initially unsuccessful.
You will submit both a hard copy as well as an electronic copy of this assignment. Your treatment guides should be distributed to your fellow classmates so that each student ends this course with a file of all sexual disorder diagnosis, frequently used interventions and detailed instructions for how to apply them.
It is expected that every element of your guide will be supported by citations and references. Pictures and diagrams should be included to illustrate complicated points.

Paper must be APA style along with references.

minimum of 5 pages.


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