Music 117 – Song Report

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The Plan (you have 2 options)1) Written report – This report should be 2-3 pages (600-800 words) typed, with footnotes if necessary and in your own words.COPYING FROM THE WEB IS PLAGERISM AND WILL RESULT IN 0 Pts FORMAT: Times New Roman, 12 pt Font, Double SpacedPlease include your name, date and class meeting time in the top left corner, single spaced. Failure to follow requested formatting will result in a deduction of 5 points. • Short artist profile that includes primary influences (you will need to research this) • What style is the song considered today? Discuss the musical styles that may have led to the creation of the song. What musical components of the song can you point out that demonstrate these influences. Be as specific as possible. This might include discussion of the rhythmic style or “groove” of the song, instrumentation, texture, form, melody, harmony, political focus or lack there of, and anything else you choose to include. You need to do more than simply mentioning published sources. • The written report should go into detail about how the chosen recording artist fits into the history of rock and R&B. Who were their major influences? What aspects of the song can be traced to various historic styles and musical ingredients? Research critical writing and commentary on the song to help reinforce your report. Use and credit at least 2 sources.


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