Must be 800 to 1200 words in APA &nbspformat.Must have scholarl

Must be 800 to 1200 words in APA  format.Must have scholarly references.Details of the AssignmentAt the beginning of the semester, you wrote a response to this prompt:Identify a tradition or activity unique to your family or culture. Describe the tradition. Explain what makes this tradition or activity valuable to you.This type of writing is “expressive” because it details your personal experience. Now, using the same tradition or a different one, you will write an academic research paper that makes an argument. Instead of reflecting on why this tradition or activity is valuable to you, you will use primary and secondary sources to explain to an academic audience why this tradition may be valuable to them. For example, can it improve their health, happiness, or well-being? Because you are writing for a diverse audience, you will need to select a tradition or activity that can be practiced by people from a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds. You do not have to use the same activity that you wrote about at the beginning of the semester. Likewise, the activity does not have to be practiced by your family; for example, it can be your own hobby or an activity with a friend group.Your research will includeAt least one credible primary source, such as an interview of a family or community memberAt least one credible secondary source found through the library databasesYour paper shouldFollow APA format for the title page, heading, pagination, internal documentation, and references page.Use APA organization for the introduction and section headings.Include a thesis in the introduction in which you present the main idea of your paper in 1 to 2 clear sentences. How is this tradition/activity helpful to the wide variety of Americans who make up your academic audience?Be organized by idea,not source. Each section should have a title that reflects an idea or question you had during your research process.Be organized logically. Think about the order in which you arrange your sections. What ideas does the audience need to know first? What idea do you want to leave your audience thinking about at the end?Contain transitions between paragraphs and from sentence to sentence in each paragraph.Cite The Immigrant Advantage. Compare or contrast your activity with at least on activity fromKolker’s book.

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