mutiple short essay and two long essays

I’m working on a Art & Design question and need guidance to help me study.

Take Home

FOUR specific work essays

TWO large essays

ONE essay on Street Art – See instructions

All essays must be in sentence and essay form. Use an introductory sentence for the specific work essays and an introductory paragraph for the large essays. Use italics for titles of artworks. Use and define all applicable vocabulary words within the essay, do not just provide a list of them. Write a cohesive essay and do not just answer the questions on the guide sheets. Use titles of artworks, not Fig. numbers. Don’t number or use headings or dashes or an outline form. Indent at the start of every paragraph. Check your spelling and use proper capitalization. Discuss ALL required artists and artworks. Put all the essays in ONE document, separated by one blank space. Do not footnote.


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