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Instructions: You must listen to the following podcast, and consider the following question: The United States of Anxiety Season 1 (NPR) – Episode 5: White Like Me – ( (Links to an external site.)

(Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)As sociologists argue that race is a social construct, they also suggest that the social impact of race is very real. At the same time, sociologists suggest that people’s understanding of race changes.

Specifically, this podcast subjects the concept of “whiteness” to some of these sociological principles marking race as a social construct. What is meant by race being a social construct do you believe that race has changed over time? Are we really colorblind? What types of change does the podcast suggest people are articulating when they speak of “whiteness.” How does this example manifest itself in national politics, and what does it say about broader conversations about how race is constructed in the United States?

Your essay must consist of some keywords from Chapter 8, and also weave in some concepts from the podcast. It must be typed in Time New Roman, 12 fonts, and double-spaced. Your essay must also be a minimum of 250 to 350 words if you really feeling passionate about the assignment you can write more.

You must also have an APA formatted Running Head Title page. See an example in your files.


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