Natural hazards are dangerous and uncontrollable events that

Natural hazards are dangerous and uncontrollable events that occur within nature such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. In this assignment you will select one of the major types of natural hazards to research, and then you will create a presentation about that natural hazard.Select one of the following natural hazards to explore in-depth, and then create a presentation about the hazard you select following the guidelines below.TornadoHurricaneEarthquakeMudslideTsunamiVolcanic eruptionCreate a multimedia presentation explaining how and why the natural hazard you selected occurs in nature.In what regions do these types of natural hazards typically occur?What conditions need to be present for their occurrence?How dangerous or damaging are they typically for humans?How have humans adapted to these hazards in various regions around the world?Please provide examples to support your presentation, including images, graphics, and audio (optional). Finally, you will discuss one significant historical event in which a region was dramatically impacted by this hazard.What happened to the physical region after the incident?How were the people living there affected?Is there a risk of this type of event happening again in the future?How have the people living there prepared themselves against another similar event?Please structure your multimedia presentation as follows:# of SlidesRequired ContentPossible Points1Title of the presentation, your name, date51-3Describe the natural hazard you selected.Give a basic description of how the natural hazard functions.What are the main causes of the natural hazard you have chosen?101-3Describe where the natural hazard typically occurs.Where does this natural disaster occur mostly and why?In what sort of regions do they appear? (e.g., coastal regions, plains, tropical, etc.)101-3Describe how the natural hazard is created.What conditions are necessary?Create a model or simulation or diagram that demonstrates how the natural disaster occurs.101-3Describe the impact the natural hazard has on the environment.What are the main effects of the natural hazard you have chosen?101-3Describe the impact the natural hazard has on humans.How have humans adapted to it throughout the world?Can these disasters be predicted? If so, how?How are people protecting themselves from such disasters in the future?103-5Describe one major historical occurrence of this natural hazard, along with the impact it had on the physical environment and the humans living there.What sort of damage did it cause environmentally? Financially? In human lives?How did these damages get repaired?Could the damages have been avoided or minimized? If so, how? If not, why not?How have humans living there prepared themselves for another similar event in the future?101Reference slide: List of websites used for your information and graphics. (Minimum of 3 sources.) Each listing must include:Name of websiteWebsite address (URL)Date accessed5All slides1 graphic per slide to illustrate what you discuss on that slide.Images of the natural hazardImages of the damagesImages of the rebuildingInformational graphicsPlease provide the source for each graphic.10Total Points80Each section will be graded according to relevance of the content, accuracy of the content, neatness of the presentation, and thoroughness. Please be sure that you thoroughly answer all questions presented in the assignment to the best of your ability and support your answers with informative graphics.Suggested websites to get your project started:National Weather ServiceThe Weather ChannelNASA Earth ObservatoryNational Geographic

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