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  Individual Assignment  Database  Functionality     Resources: Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization or  your chosen e-commerce website    Review theService Request  SR-kf-016, E-Commerce Site on the student website.    Build database functionality into your e-commerce site.     You may  use tools such as osCommerce®, nopCommerce® or Joomla®  to interface between your web site and the database functionality you will  build. You may find the links to download osCommerce®, nopCommerce®  on your student web page.     Create a database of your choosing using Microsoft® SQL Server®  or MySQL® software, a Microsoft® Access database, or  other tools of your choosing.     If you are  using Kudler Fine Foods you may use the provided Excel®  file from the Service Request.     Consider  the following website database requirements:     ·   Obtain  price data from the data base.  ·   Update  product quantity.  ·   Update  orders.  ·   Update  customer information.    Submit a ZIP file containing your database and website.     5/20    13

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