&nbspAt least 4 pages double-spaced, not including references (

 At least 4 pages double-spaced, not including references (1” margins, 12 pt. font). Your paper should be no longer than 5 pages PromptChoose one of the journal articles from the list below* that has previously been assigned in class. The goal of this paper is to analyze the argument on which the article is based and consider how it helps you to understand the geography of Utah.Your paper should include:-  A short summary of main point(s) of the article-  Your critical analysis of the article, which might include and answer some or all of the following questions: what are the main arguments of the article? What are its research questions? What data and methods were used, and were they appropriate in your opinion? What strategies do the authors use to make their argument? What do you think the paper does well or not so well? What do you agree with or disagree with in the article?This is what I wrote so far. Start with this. Reflection 2.docxThis is the article2005 Parera (JoPH).pdf

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