&nbspHow is DNA replicated, and how is stored genetic informati

 How is DNA replicated, and how is stored genetic information used to produce an active protein in the cell? Hints: 1.That’s a very broad question–so how much detail should you include?Make sure your answer is 350 words long, and that it addresses each ofthe parts of the question. In other words, don’t spend 300 words onreplication, then cram in two sentences about the rest. 2. Usethe appropriate jargon, and use it correctly. I assume your answer willinclude all these terms (and lots more): • Replication, Transcription,Translation • Polymerase • Semiconservative, Semidiscontinuous, Bidirectional • Complementary • Basepair • Origin • Promoter • DNA • Genetic Code • RNA: mRNA, tRNA, rRNA • Ribosome • Codon, anticodon • Prokaryote, Eukaryote

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