&nbspKenny – An Effective Supervisor Case StudyDirections&nbspR

 ‘Kenny – An Effective Supervisor’ Case StudyDirections: Review the case ‘Kenny: An Effective Supervisor’ in your textbook and in a 2-3 page paper answer the following:How do you explain Kenny’s acceptance by so many other people and the respect they have for him?Can all supervisors operate the way Kenny does- and be effective? Explain your answers.Given Kenny’s effectiveness in his present job, would you recommend promoting him into high levels of management? Explain?Review the characteristics of servant, adaptive, and transformational leadership in the book. Which characteristics apply to Kenny?If Kenny were to set up a team, how would he proceed?NB.to be able to get to the the case, go to google .com and type in Kenny an effective supervisor. and page 273 will appear with the case .

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