&nbspMy husband has been recieving disability now going on almo

 My husband has been recieving disability now going on almost 13 years or more for his learning disability. He has also been working part-time half of those years off and on.Out of the 7 years, almost 8, that I’ve been with him, he has always turned in check stubs, etc. for proof of work income. Back in year of 2008 he picked up a small part time job @a cleaning company, lasting maybe less than 4 months!!!!!  Well there was never a problem then, but now we’re hearing of an overpayment. His funds have been cut short a whoping 150 extra per month, which has caused a stir in our income monthly as well!!!!! The overpayment started being taking out April or May of 2013!!!!! What should we do?

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