&nbspPlease go through this video lecture by Dr. Phillip Kotle

 Please go through this video lecture by Dr. Phillip Kotler, and answer the following questions- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sR-qL7QdVZQ  As you go through the video, keep an eye on the questions so that you may take notes pertinent to those. Explain as you would do to someone in your class who has not listened to this talk to make sure s/he gets the points clearly.1) Explain the difference between 1 P CEO, 4 P CEO, STP CEO, ME CEO as done by Dr. Kotler. Who does he name as the ME CEO as an example?(10 Points)2) What was the old name of Chief Marketing Officer according to Dr. Kotler in marketing jargon?(2.5 Points)3) What is Place Marketing, Person Marketing,according to him?(15 points)4) Which was the first nation that wanted to raise a nation of non-smokers, non-drinkers and all the vices and it starts at the primary level? He gives it as an example of how social marketing helps in achieving that.​(2.5 Points)5) What do we not like about marketing according to Dr. Kotler. Mention all the points he mentions (including those he reads from the paper)(15 Points)6) How has marketing improved the life styles of Americans according to him? (10 Points)7) While discussing the critics of marketing what quote of Will Rogers does Dr. Kotler show and how does he describe that makes sense in today’s world.(10Points)8) Who does he call as the best self-promoter? Give theexample, he cites, done at Time Square New Yorkby that best self-promoter?(10 Points)9) Describe the table of Value-Based Marketing Model by Dr. Kotler, give an example as well. (He cites an example of a firm from Wisconsin!!) (15 Points)10) Name a few firms that audiences respond as the ones they will sorely miss if those firms vanished. Please reflect on whether these most successful firms have to spend more on their advertising or less compared to their peers.(10 Points)11) How does he respond to the question (only part 1)from the audience in regards to social media(at 50.00 min). It goes as:“As you look at social media, do you see across a continuum of marketing there’s been a short term phenomena or radical change as we do marketing for the next century?” (10 Points)

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