&nbspThe value of higher educationHaving a collegeeducation is

 The value of higher educationHaving a collegeeducation is an important asset in today’s society. The choice to pursue highereducation or not definitely affects the individual in the long run. The mainreasons to obtain higher education includes: to think intellectually,  academically, and intelligently. It preparesone to make important choices about their present and to secure their future..   Nowadays, it’s really important to obtainhigher education to cope up with the today’s world. Without it, you standnowhere in today’s world.  The value ofthe college education is that it prepares you with the knowledge and skillswhich are required to survive in the world today. Obtaining higher education atcolleges and universities prepares you as an individual as a whole. It helps anindividual to become independent, responsible, and free of worries, moreconcentrated about your future, etc.  Youobtain sufficient amount to knowledge at high school, colleges, anduniversities that you can’t imagine anywhere else in your life.   Getting a college degree is must, tosuccessfully cope up with the today’s competitive job market. As a student atCSUEB, I took a lot of health science courses. I think, that the instructors atthe campus have tons of knowledge about their field and also provides about alot of other information about the social world and how to survive in thissocial world. I like to take my courses at CSUEB. I enjoyed this campus a lot.I have made many good friends here at the campus. We have taken almost all theclasses together. I enjoyed the overall experience of the campus. It teaches mehow to think socially, intellectually, and intelligently. Education prepares anindividual to make choices about themselves considering their good and bad. Ithelps us to make informed choices about our future.   Education is the most important part of ourlife. Obtaining higher education opens individual with many opportunities tosurvive in this competitive world. I know that it’s expensive to obtain highereducation in the present economic times. Everything is expensive nowadays.  But, if you plan to invest in today. You’lldefinitely achieve the success in life ahead and to get a good paying job.There are number of financial help available at the colleges to help you payfor your education which includes: loans, scholarships, work study, etc. But,if you calculate the years coming ahead in which you’re going to employed withbetter paying job after attaining a college degree, it looks like a piece of apie. It’s better if you spend money on education now, instead of regrettingafterwards.  There are countless benefits of obtaininghigher education that one could imagine in their lifetime. If you obtaineducation in today’s society you are capable of making the decisions about yourlife and also to secure your future. Everywhere, its required to have a collegeeducation even if you’re applying for a job. Due to advancement in technology,people are getting educated nowadays. They’re making the informed choices abouttheir life to secure their future and for the generations coming ahead.  It’s really important to obtain a college degreeto get well-settled in your life.   I think that everyone must achieve highereducation in their life . Education prepares you how to become a betterindividual logically how to think practically on the situations in the life andhow to act accordingly. It helps you to become better individuals and alsoprepares you to cope up with challenges of the new and demanding world.

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