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Doreen Massey argues that space is a product of interrleations, and that it has to be understood as “the sphere of the possibility of the existence of multiplicity in the sense of contemporaneous plurality; as the sphere in which distinct trajectories coexist; as the sphere therefore of coexisting heterogeneity” (Massey 2005, 8). Well, California is a space. The syllabus, and therefore this class, is a specific representation of that space. It tells a particular “story” or argument about CA based on Dr. Herrera’s own expertise and positionality. However, it does not pretend to represent all of that multiplicity that has historically shaped the state of CA. Nor represent that contemporaneous plurality of social relations and processes that are currently shaping the state. For this assignment, you will find a topic of your choice that relates to CA, but that we did not directly cover in the class. Maybe you want to focus on the biophysical geography of the state, the stories of another racial group we did not focus on, a region or city in the state we didn’t focus on, a historical event or period we didn’t focus on. Or a theme we didn’t focus on, such as education, food, music, or sports.

  • Find an article, documentary, or primary source (such as a newspaper article, etc.) that reveals a topic that you want to showcase.
  • Why did you choose the topic? What did you learn? How does it add to your understanding of CA?


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