Need help on creating my photoshop assignment

I don’t know how to handle this Art & Design question and need guidance.

Select and Mask aka Fuzzy Animal Composite

In this assignment, you will be creating your own composite image of a furry animal. You can use Google Images so long as the images are “Labeled for reuse with modification”. Choose 2 images that will go together well in a composite. There is no size restriction on this assignment.

  • Pick 2 of your own images or 2 images from online to create a believable composite. One of the images must be of a furry thing (animal, person with hair, etc).
  • Make sure you use masks when creating your composite.
  • Create your selection for the fuzzy animal using Select and Mask
  • Refine the mask as needed using the brush tool
  • Name all your layers descriptively.
  • When you are done, save as a psd.

Some technique you should follow!

-Fine Tuning the Mask

-Extending the Canvas with the Crop Tool

-Smart Filters

-Smart Objects

-Select and Mask

very easy to do!!


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