Need Part 1 answered in 4 pages while part 2 is just small M

Need Part 1 answered in 4 pages while part 2 is just small MCQ survey type.Part 1:Basic Instructions:This week each student first succinctly defines in his or her own words the terms “operations management”, “operational efficiency”, “operational effectiveness”, “operations strategy”, and “operational sustainability.”Next, each student critically discusses the process of operations management and how it is done within their organization, using the terms just defined.  Find at least one internal area where operations management is implemented, discuss the process, and comment on the relative effectiveness of the process. What OM techniques are used?  How?  If a particular technique is not used, why not (e.g., lack of time, lack of knowledge, culture resistance, complexity)?Specifically, is Six Sigma used?  Why or why not?In addition, each student defines the concept of “quality” as used in his or her work organization. Additional Instructions:You may or may not be able to agree with the following distinction between ‘operational efficiency’ and ‘operational effectiveness’:In terms of the executing the day-to-day processes of an organization – ie, its operations, Efficiency refers to resource conservation, while Effectiveness has to do with mission or task accomplishment The photographs in the weekly overview could help to make this distinction clear.There are numerous important external factors that affect the operational effectiveness and operational efficiency of an organization. Two of the most significant, typically, are resource constraints imposed from above and laws and regulations with which compliance is required.Strategy refers to major steps or actions taken to achieve organizational goals.  Sustainability implies repeatability or endurance, or it may mean ‘greenness.’Quality is rather hard to define. You may or may not be able to agree that in essence, quality means either the ‘best’ or the ‘best for the price’.  You might see the topic following in Optional Resources, ‘A Note by Professor Banash on ‘Quality.’ Six Sigma. According to the full version of Jacobs & Chase (2013)Specifically, is Download Transcript link in videoKnode, C.S. (2011). Linear programming – part 1 – formulating the problem. Download TranscriptKnode, C.S. (2011). Linear programming 2 – solving with Solver. Download TranscriptKnode, C.S. (2011). Linear programming 3 – sensitivity analysis. Download TranscriptPart 2:Kindly answer the following questions, posting your answers to your assignments folder.  Include your name within your file, which per our syllabus, should be in pdf format.1.  Your OM experienceI have prior experience in operations management. Yes/NoI have managed operations managers. Yes/NoI have used OM software. Yes/No2.  Operations management is sometimes also known as p___________ management and/or s________ c_______management and/or management s________.3.  Examples of important OM methods and techniques include:G___d  A______sD_______n  T______sS___  S______a4.  Linear Programming isa mathematical technique used to allocate limited resources among competing demands in an optimal way. For instance, it might be used to maximize profit or to minimize cost. True/False/Don’t Know

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