Nina Tate Personalized Education Hand Out

Design and create an educational plan (brochure or pamphlet) that addresses the following: Include relevant health information necessary to educate your patient on their healthcare needs. Describe and define the health diagnoses, treatments, and at least one medication listed in the patient portal Explain relevant statistics and individual health vital signs related to the patient’s medical history Explain additional sources of support for patients with similar health needs/diagnoses Consider the context of your individual patient, and be sure to include any recommendations on how to access sources of support based on racial/ethnic background or culture, socioeconomic status, educational background, health literacy and linguistic proficiency Be sure to adhere to health literacy guidelines for your individual patient. Make sure to address each of the six areas from the “Checklist for Easy-to Understand Print Materials†Your educational plan should be visually appealing and relevant to your individual patient. Be sure to support the development of your educational plan by consulting and referencing 3- 5 scholarly references. Length of the educational plan: 1- to 2-pages; include a separate page for you reference list.


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