ObjectivesExercise prewriting strategiesExamine various writ

ObjectivesExercise prewriting strategiesExamine various writing stylesAnalyze audience and purpose in writingsUse specific, concrete, and major and minor supporting details in various types of writingUse a variety of sentence types to develop a cohesive paragraphMaterialsGoing Places: Chapter 3A Writer’s Reference: Section C4Paragraph Scoring RubricFileConnect Progress ReportFileDiscussion TopicsTopic 2 DT1Forum 2 unread postsTopic 2 DT2Forum 2 unread postsAssignmentComplete all Exercises for Chapter 3Complete the Personalized Learning Plan at ConnectPost to Discussion ThreadsAssessmentRetype and submit the following Chapter 3 Exercises: 3-2, 3-3, 3-5, 3-8, and 3-9Chapter 3 Exercises SubmissionAssignmentRetype and submit the paragraph from Chapter 3 Exercise 3-10 #3. Be sure to apply what you’ve learned in Chapter 3 about effective paragraphs.Exercise 3-10 #3 Paragraph SubmissionAssignmentSubmit your first Connect Progress Report, completing 15-25% of Learning Plan.First Connect Progress Report SubmissionAssignment

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