ObjectiveStudents will analyze a historical event or figure

Objective:Students will analyze a historical event or figure outside the realm of history for its/their implications concerning class, race, and/or gender. For example – The French Revolution changed the social hierarchy of the country (class) and women involved in the revolution found new opportunities to extend their sphere of influence outside the home (gender).Requirements:You must first pick a topic, and then each student shall write a formal paper of at least 5 typed pages in length or a minimum of 1500 words for a total of 600 points. Chosen topics should fall within the courses time period — WOH1 (to 1500) & WOH2 1500 to Present)With the information collected, each student will produce a paper of a minimum of 5 pages in length or 1500 words. Use standard/default 12-point font (Times New Roman), standard default margins, and double space. Don’t waste paper! No title page needed! Place your name in the top right corner, then under this the name of the course, then under this your instructor’s name, and then finally under this record the date all single-spaced and have 1-2 lines for your title centered and singled spaced.You are expected to use your time efficiently and effectively. Also, you MUST have a Bibliography with a variety of sources (not all from the internet!) Use footnotes or endnotes to cite information—refer to MLA style.**Remember that the purpose of the paper is to examine and attempt to explain how class, race, and/or gender are a part the particular historical event/character you have chosen. It should not be an “encyclopedia entry!” Your research should reflect aspects concerning class, race, and/or gender.  Your paper will be submitted to Turnitin.com to assess its originality.

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