An initial post that responds to ONE of the questions below in your own words. If a figure or diagram helped you to make sense of a concept, I encourage you to include it with your response with an accompanying description or interpretation. You may quote from the text, but if you do, then you must also provide an interpretation of that quote in your own words.

Please indicate which question you are responding to in your post. If someone has already responded to a question, please choose another one. If all questions have been responded to, then you may choose any question to respond to.

Do your best to provide a thorough answer to all parts of the question. If there is something you are not sure about, then your response should describe what part of the question is confusing and describe what strategy you used to try to make sense of it. Remember to ask questions if you are confused about something. (5 points)

the question:

  1. Fill in the blank: A wave moves ___________ through a medium. What do we need to know to determine the speed (or celerity) of a deep water wave? What is the relationship between wavelength and wave speed?

The book site: https://www.cengage.com/dashboard#/my-dashboard/au…

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password: Novsalber57

1.please do not take any type of info from other sites or places than the book

2. no plagiarism

3. keep it short

4. answer all part of the question

5. work cited needed if any type of info used from the book ( quote, paraphrases……)

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