Onceyou have selected and viewed the work, you will create a

Onceyou have selected and viewed the work, you will create a paragraph ofdescriptive writing with your personal observations about the work. Thisparagraph must be written before you do research on the work, the artist orcomposer, and the period it comes from. You will need to be detailed in yourdescription of the work.The next step will be to research the work, the life of the artist, and theperiod. You will then be ready to create your analysis. This process ofanalysis will require you to discuss the historical context of the work,pertinent aspects of the artist’s or composer’s biography, themes and/orstylistic characteristics of its historical period and finally, the relevanceof this work for audiences today.The final requirement of the task will be to reflect on this process anddescribe how the analysis informed or altered your perception of the work.Requirements:A.  Record your initial reaction to the work (suggested length of 1 paragraph or half a page)by doing the following:1.  Describe your initial thoughts and/or feelings aboutthe work.2.  Describe in detailat leastoneaspectof the work that most interests you.B.  Analyze the work (suggestedlength of 2–4 pages) by doing the following:1.  Describe the historical context of the period in whichthe work was written.2.  Discuss insights into the work that can be gained fromthe author’s biography.3.  Analyze how this work explores a particular themeand/or stylistic characteristic from its period.4.  Explain the relevance of this work for today’saudiences.C.  Reflect on how the analysis affected your perception ofthe work (suggested length of 1 paragraph orhalf a page).1.  Discuss how the deeper knowledge you gained throughyour analysis has informed or altered your thoughts and/or feelings about thework.D. When you use sources to support ideas and elementsin a paper or project, provide acknowledgement of source information for anycontent that is quoted, paraphrased or summarized. Acknowledgement of sourceinformation includes in-text citation noting specifically where in thesubmission the source is used and a corresponding reference, which includes:• Author• Date• Title• Location of information (e.g., publisher,journal, or website URL)

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