Only use Emojis to write sentences.

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For this exercise, you will use the comprehensive list of Emojis.…

Using the principles of pictographic logograms (see , read the word “horse”) and the rebus principle (see , read the sound “bee” ), and adding determinative if necessary, construct four messages for your fellow students.

You will submit these to the assignment link, and later share these in section in a Google Doc and see who can decipher them the quickest.

  • Your messages need to represent complete sentences in English (maybe just missing articles, ‘a’ ‘an’ ‘the’).
  • You can only use Emojis. No letters or words in English to fill in gaps. (numbers OK)
  • You have to be consistent. If you use an emoji in another example, it should have the same sound value in your system.
  • Please put an answer key in the assignment you upload to GauchoSpace, but don’t include the answers in the one you paste into the GoogleDoc.



“I think, therefore [hair-four] I am [yam].” René Descartes


“Be [the] change you wish to see in [the] world.” (attributed loosely to Gandhi).


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