Option #1: Assessing and Preparing Consolidated Financial Statements-Portfolio Project

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The first part is a scenario covering the topic of consolidated financial statements. The second part is the preparation of a consolidated financial statement. You will submit both parts separately.

Part 1: Scenario – Written

A new employee has been given responsibility for preparing the consolidated financial statements of Sample Company. After attempting to work alone for some time, the employee seeks assistance in gaining a better overall understanding of the way in which the consolidation process works. You have been asked to assist in explaining the consolidation process. The employee is asking you to respond to the following questions. Please provide full explanations and use examples to support your work.

  1. Why must the eliminating entries be entered in the consolidation worksheet each time consolidated statements are prepared?
  2. How is the beginning-of-period non-controlling interest balance determined?
  3. How is the end-of-period non-controlling interest balance determined? Provide an example.
  4. Which of the subsidiary’s account balances must always be eliminated? Why?
  5. Which of the parent company’s account balances must always be eliminated? Why?

Submission Requirements:

  • Your responses should be complete, with appropriately cited examples, well written, and in conformity CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements (Links to an external site.).
  • The response should be a minimum of 2 full pages, but should not exceed 3 pages.
  • Please ensure that you do not use a question-answer format. Please respond to the question, including the question. For example, for question 1, you would begin the writing:
    • Eliminating entries must be entered in the consolidation worksheet each time the consolidated statements are prepared in order to…
  • As this assignment has the highest point value of any assignment – complete, detailed entries are necessary to ensure you receive maximum credit.
  • Each response for above items 1-5 should be no less than one-half page in length.
  • A FASB reference must be included for at least 3 of the responses.
  • Part 2: Problem Solving – Consolidated FinancialsAssume that on 1/1/X0, a parent company acquires a 70% interest in its subsidiary for a price at $480,000 over book value. The excess is assigned as follows:
    Asset Fair Value Useful Life
    Patent $320,000 8 years
    Goodwill 160,000 Indefinite

    70% of the goodwill is allocated to the parent. Included in the attached Excel spreadsheet are the pre-consolidation financial statements for both the parent and the subsidiary.Submission Requirements:Using the ACT470_Mod08-Portfolio_Option01.xlsx Excel spreadsheet in the Module 8 folder:

    • Prepare the consolidated financial statements at 12/31/X6 by placing the appropriate entries in their respective debit/credit column cells.
    • Indicate, in the blank column cell to the left of the debit and credit column cells if the entry is a [C], [E], [A], [D] or [I]entry.
    • Use Excel formulas to derive the Consolidated column amounts and totals.
      • Using the “Home” key in Excel, go to the “Styles” area and highlight the [C], [E], [A], [D] or [I]entry cells in different shades.


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