OriginalQuestionPostat least one pro and one con for at leas

OriginalQuestionPostat least one pro and one con for at least three of the followingalternative fuel sources: (Note: to maximize your learning, please try notto repeat the information that was previously shared by your classmates). EthanolBiodieselNaturalgas PropaneHydrogenDuringthe unit, you should interact with your classmates and debate how suitableyou think these alternative fuel sources might be for the future ofvehicle transportation and Kaplanville. Laterin the unit week, make a post that contains your vote for whichalternative fuel source you believe Kaplanville should create a stationfor. Be sure to give a clear explanation for your choice. TheThree alternative fuel choices that I chose to speak about and their pros andcons are, Ethanol, Propane and Natural gas.Student1 ResponseNatural Gas: Pro- Less expensivethan gasoline  Con- Not many vehicles availablefor its use.  Propane:  Pro- Potentially lower toxicemissions  Con- less readily available than gasand diesel Biodiesel:  Pro- Safer tohandle Con-currently more expensive Student2 ResponseFuel does a car good! Hello Class,The three fuel sources for vehicle transportation I chose were Ethanol, NaturalGas and Biodiesel. Ethanol can be made fromplants such as corn, sugar or grass (U.S. Department of Energy, 2012). Thenice thing about this is that the fuel is renewable due to the source. However,a disadvantage is that it has a lower energy content so it will not yield asmany miles to the gallon requiring more be made on a regular basis. Natural Gas isone of the cleanest burning fuels (U.S. Department of Energy, 2012). Thereason it is so clean is that it emits 50 percent less carbon dioxide. However,the downside is that it creates what they call greenhouse gas and that is agreat deal more harmful to the environment. Biodiesel isa form of diesel fuel made from vegetable oil, animal fat, deep fryer grease.This fuel will create fewer emissions and be burned in it raw from. The problemwith this is that it is very limited and the way it can be distributed is alsolimited (U.S. Department of Energy, 2012). Thanks,RandyReferencesU.S. Department of Energy. (2012). Alternative Fuels.Retrieved from fueleconomy.gov: http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/current.shtmlORIGINALQUESTIONAnnuities Systematic risk evaluates the probability and extentof negative consequences to the larger body. For example, the government has arecord of intervening in the event of a probable bank failure; the government’slarger concern is the negative impact on bank customers. Some call this agovernment bail-out.Discuss the effect on stock market investor confidenceshould bank customers, individuals and businesses alike, lose access to savingsand undergo a loss of future purchasing power due to a bank failure.STUDENT1 RESPONSEProfessor and class,If people lost access to their money there would be a collapse. The stockmarket would feel the effect in that their funding would be gone. Investorswill then act leery on new avenues and will hold on to their money rather theninvesting. Recessions and depressions can be created by this type of economicdownfall. We saw one just 7 years ago and to this day there are some areas inthe state of Idaho and other parts of the country that haven’t recovered. It isthe assurance banks and other financial institutions must give to us that ourfunds are not only safe, but accessible.STUDENT2 RESPONSEProf and Class, If the people were to lose access to savings and undergo a loss of futurepurchasing power due to a bank failure. This would in turn have a massiveimpact of increasingly negative consequences for the economy at large.Naturally this would be dependent on the size of the banking system rather thana local or regional banking franchise. However, no matter the size. Such anevent would be more devastating to a banks more valuable asset. Theircustomers! “Customers can have a complicated relationship with their bank. Checking,savings, loans, mortgages, safe deposit boxes and all the other services banksprovide become a routine part of our lives. A disruption in service can be morethan a hassle. It can mean late payments, running out of cash or no access toimportant documents.” (Bruce, Bankrate2015).   Moreover, I suspect that the primary reason for a bank closure is a combinationof a loss in investor confidence and the mishandling of stock and or assets bythe banks management.Thank you,P. HarrisReference:- Bankrate (n.d) Laura Brace “What happens if your bank fails?” Retrieved on6/18/15 from: http://www.bankrate.com/finance/savings/what-happens-to-your-accounts-if-the-bank-fails–1.aspx

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