Outline&nbspthe Enterprise Model Project Paper. See Week 1 for

Outline the Enterprise Model Project Paper. See Week 1 for instructions. The Enterprise Model Project is due in Week 6.Develop a hypotheticalcompany based on an idea to develop a new product. You may choose any type ofproduct to build the company around: for example, a new cell phone, a new icecream label, or a new way to put solar power on a house roof. The onlyrequirements are that everyone on the team agrees, there is a tangible physicalproduct to be built and sold, and it is not developed from an existing set ofdocumentation one of the team members has access to. Use any resource to findideas including the companies in the Virtual Organizations. Determine thefoundation of your company.  I am not asking for you to make the company but only advising of how the below needed information is coming from and how to answer.  We have not decided on the type of company or product since this is only a outline of information that is needed this week.Ideals are welcome however….Prepare arecommendation for how your organization will manage its customer relationshipswith a CRM system. Analyze the company’s daily front and back officeoperations. Determine the types of information needed to create value forcustomers. Explain how a CRM system may be used to work toward successful CRM.Investigate atleast two off-the-shelf SCM, CRM, and ERP software packages that could benefityour organization. Describe the advantages of and disadvantages of the systems.Select the package that is best suited to meet the needs of your organization.Explain why you chose that package and what benefits you expect it to provide.You may need to select multiple programs as part of the overall softwarepackage.I will provide all NEEDED material once a tutor has been selected.  Such as book, assignment completely and whatever else may be need to successfully answer the details.  The is a team assignment and this is what I needed assistance on and other individuals are responsible for their own portion.This requires APA formatPLEASE USE IN-TEXT CITATIONLIST ALL REFERENCESEnsure that your details will not return a more than 10 percent from Turn-IT- IN as well.

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