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Peregrine Academic Services™, LLCGlobal Educational SupportYou are now enrolled for your higher education course that includes online learning services from Peregrine Academic Services. The course/exam access keys(s) and link that you will need to get started are listed below. You should complete each item as described in your course syllabus or according to instructions you received from your professor. When you complete any of our online programs or exam services, you will be able to download a completion certificate in PDF format. Save this file and submit it to your course professor as described within your course syllabus. If you forget to download upon completion, you can retrieve the certificate from our support page ( Once you start your exam(s), you must complete them within 48 hours. Only 3 access attempt(s) are allowed. You cannot re-take an exam. Therefore, you must plan your time accordingly. If you have any questions or problems, please visit our website at Best to you with your educational program. Link to your course/examMKTG205 Principles of MarketingPeregrine Academic Services™, LLC too much email from Peregrine Academic Services, LLC

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