Personal Needs.

please focuse on running a 5k please.

Using the outline in the Stack Coaches and Trainers article, in 500 words or less, perform a needs analysis on yourself.

When you perform your needs analysis, be realistic. What activities are you currently doing that you want to improve on? Or, if you aren’t currently active, what would you like to do (e.g., rec softball, run a 5k)? Use this as an opportunity to start building a plan. Consider the following:

What’s the activity?
Consider the muscles/movements: upper extremity push/pull, lower extremity push/pull; rotational stability, rotational power
Consider what energy systems you will need: will you use explosive power or do you need endurance for sustained postures or movements. How do you develop those?
Do you need muscle bulk (hypertrophy), strength, endurance, strength-endurance?
What injuries are common in this activity? What could you do to prevent/minimize the risk?

The client/athlete (i.e., You!)
Consider your training age. Have you been working out for decades or are you relatively new to working out, or have you switched from being a marathoner and now want to do Cross Fit?
What’s your relevant injury history (e.g., ACL reconstruction 10 years ago and now how chronic knee pain and swelling with impact); how will you work around this maximizing function while protecting yourself as best as possible?
Where are you in your training year? Are you just starting up or have you been going hard for six months and might need a recovery cycle?

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