Personal Toolkit for Critiquing ResearchArticlesArticle Mali

Personal Toolkit for Critiquing ResearchArticlesArticle Malina, M. A. & Selto, F. H. (2001). Communicating and controllingstrategy: An empirical   study of the effectiveness of the balanced scorecard. Journal of Management Accounting,   13(1), 47-90.doi:10.2308/jmar.2001.13.1.47Summary – A succinct summary includeresults of the study.  That way, after reading the first paragraph, the reader would know the purpose,hypotheses, and findings.What is the purpose of the study?What is the sample and sample size?Method used- Describe specificsabout the research design, includingthe sample, instrumentation, and dataanalysis.  Ecological and population generalizability were discussed.  What is the data analysis used?What are the results? – Explanations on the dataanalysis.  Less specific informationon statistics but more informationon the literature review.The discussion, conclusion, and recommendationsDiscuss threats to internal validity. Suggestions regarding how these threats could have been dealtwith.Discuss the literature review.  Showhigh level of understanding.  Knowwhat the weakness of the study.Providesways the study could have been improved.

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