Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals (Kerosene)

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This coursework aims to test the knowledge and of various unit operations used in petroleum industry and to provide theoretical exposure for measurement of various characteristics of petroleum products.

Learning Outcomes

1. Recognize the physical and chemical properties of crude oil.

2. Describe the refinery products and production techniques.

3. Identify various unit operations and unit processes in a petroleum refinery.

4. Design industrial processes using commercial software.


The aim of the coursework is to develop student’s ability to understand and discuss types of petroleum refining processes, to recognize physical and chemical properties of crude oil, describe the refinery products and production techniques, unit operations, unit processes involved refinery operation and discuss about use of commercial software for design of refining process. Have an option to choose any one petroleum refinery product and I choose the topic (Kerosene). The topic must achieve the learning outcomes. Students are also encouraged to collect the online information, on recent developments/innovations in petroleum refinery products/process/technology.

The Report should contain the following key aspects:

-Abstract (250)

-Introduction/history of the topic & global scenario

-Literature review on the selected topic of coursework (Physical and chemical properties of crude oil, various refinery products and production techniques etc)

-Identify and discuss the unit operation and unit process in the petroleum refinery and Process Economics.

-Discuss the application of Commercial software in the process design in refinery.

-Merits & Demerits related to the content/topic

-Recommendations/suggestions to improve the process/product efficiency


*** Words count = 1500 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.


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