Pictorial&nbspDirections1. Read the scenerio below.You are a c

Pictorial Directions:1. Read the scenerio below.You are a crime scene/forensic investigator called to a crime scene where two victims have apparently been shot to death. There is one male victim sitting in the front seat of a pick-up truck. He has a small single hole located on the left temple area of his head. There is a ring around the edges of the hole that has the appearance of being burned. There is also what appears to be a circular impression ringing the hole. The scalp looks as if it was pulled back, away from the hole, and the skin is torn. He has a small, semi-automatic pistol clutched in his left hand. There are tiny drops of blood spatter on his left hand and the pistol. The male is wearing a wedding band. Victim number two is a female. She is located in the front seat of the pick-up truck, passenger side, just to the right of the male victim. She has a small hole on the left side of her head. The hole is almost perfectly round, with a dark sooty residue around the edges of the hole. Also visible are small black peppering marks embedded in the sooty residue. There is a considerable amount of blood on the female victim’s upper body. Upon further examination, you find a protrusion behind the right ear that is hard to the touch and is beginning to indicate bruising around said protrusion. She has a tube of Blistex in her lap. She is not wearing a wedding band. The mirror, located on the passenger side sun visor, is pulled down in such a manner as to allow the female victim to look into the mirror. The passenger side window is broken out, with a pile of broken glass on the ground outside of the passenger door. The key is in the ignition switch of the truck and is in the “on” position. The left rear wheel has dug into the ground, and the tire is burnt off of the rim. The front of the truck is wedged forward against a fence.  The lead investigator tells you that the sheriff is on the phone and wants to know, based upon your best educated guess, “what we have here.” 2. Post Responses to both A and B.      A. Utilizing the information you have studied on pages 138 and 139 of your primary text, answer the sheriff’s inquiry. (Prior to posting your response,          read all assigned materials and content in the module.)     B. Gunshot wounds are discussed and categorized by distance, on pages 138 and 139, Karagiozis & Sgaglio. Based upon the information contained in        your text, provide a three-to-four page synopsis of then scenario; include all aspects in the text noted above.

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