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plagerized freecompleted in 8 hours of handshake please see attached out line (must be used) its about the military uniform   Pair up:  Find a partner to work with.  Exchange contact infomation: email, cell number, FaceBook, LINE, etc.  Find at least one day during the week to meet where you can meet to practice for a minimum of 30 minutes.  Decide:  on a previous presentation that you have done (Examples:  Biology – symbiosis, Economics – Supply and demand, English – thesis, etc.).  You must show the instructor in Week Two which presentation your pairing/triad will be re-doing (0.5). Deliver:  your presentation live in class.  All members must have speaking roles.  Your presentation must be a maximum of ten minutes in length.  Your presnetation must have an experiential component to it.  You must orally cite your sources.  You must use the outline format to organize your presentation.  You must have a multi-media component (advice – save it on a jump drive) Record:  Please note that your group will be video-recording your presentation as well.  Please bring a smart phone or some type of recording device.   Feedback: will be provided by your instructor and peers.  Upload:  your multimedia presentation, outline (2), and reference page (2). Attachments: outline_presentation.docx outline_shell.docx

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