Please choose a primary source DOCUMENT from the time period

Please choose a primary source DOCUMENT from the time periods/eras covered in weeks 5-7.  Please focus it on FOREIGN RELATIONS as it will help you with your final paper due in week 10. This means the document MUST be about U.S. policy or actions with ANOTHER COUNTRY.Remember that a primary source is a source from the time period/a first-hand account etc.   Make sure that your primary document focuses on foreign policy/relations with other nations etc. and is not just any old document from the time period (i.e. a document urging the repeal of Prohibition).Once you have selected your document, you will complete a primary analysis of it.  Your primary analysis should include a link to the document and image of the document if at all possible). Please use scholarly sources (.gov, .edu etc.) and not just random internet sources (such as infoplease,, pinterest etc.).  Good places to find documents include ,, You will then write a 1-2 page analysis in PARAGRAPH form with an introduction paragraph, body paragraphs, and conclusion paragraph (no question and answer format) that addresses the following: Type of Document (letter, law, executive order, treaty etc.), Author/creator, Date createdFor what audience was the document written?  Is there a stated purpose?Why do you think this document was written?What evidence in the document helps you know why it was written?  Use a quote from the document to support your conclusion.List two things the document tells you about life at the time and place it was written.What is the author’s perspective on the issues?  How do you think he was influenced by his position in society, career, nationality etc.?  If it is a law – what influenced the lawmakers to pass this law?What questions do you have that were not answered or addressed in the document?  What would you ask the author(s) if you could? **Remember you should not have any other sources.  You should not use other sources to explain the circumstances of the document.  You are only analyzing what the document itself says and what you can learn from the actual document.

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