Please click it and then hit the button on the right end to

Please click it and then hit the button on the right end to ‘Edit wiki content’. Next write down your name and enter the tickers of three stocks you select for the project. You can find out the ticker via Before you enter your stocks, you need to read other students’ entry and make sure that all three stocks you select should not be the exactly the same as other students. The one who fills out the form first has the priority over his/her selection. this is spreadsheet for stocks picking: (so choose other three companys without companys in spreadsheet, and the file of uploaded is an example,you just need change the compant name and data to caculate and answer the question in slove list)  Last name First nameStock AStock BStock CStock D  Navarro  Cesar AAPL  MSFT  GE  Khalid Ayesha MSFT APPL TM SBUX Ni Chen PG MS AALBP Cao Yiheng GOOG YHOO MSFT TMUS Lee Myunghoon AAPL NKEF   Almazrouei Saeed CL PEP PG  Alrajeh Brahim GILD MCD AMZN  Zhou Jing EMC RAD FB BAC Ayobi Zulmai AAPL WMT TGT  Le Chien AAPL AMZN MSFT MCD Gonzalez Joanny BPAAL  AAPL  Doan Hien DIS SNE NFLXUL  Aldhaheri Abdulla CAT PFE KO  Mena Matthew GOOGL AAPL YHOO  ZUO JING Twitter MTG MSFT EBAY zhang pingTMUS   T AAPL   Yiting  Liu SJM AAPL JACK COSTAlmazrouei Mohammed IBM MCD AMZN  Deluna Stephanie AAPL NKE MSFT  Almuharrami Mohamed TEVA YUM AMZN  Shuaiqi  Gong GOOGL NIKE AAPL YHOOAttachments: excel_project_maximize_return_given_certain_levels_of_risk_1.xlsm

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