Please complete the following1.&nbspUsing the completedpaper o

Please complete the following:1. Using the completedpaper on Childhood Obesity, plan and create a 9-10 slides presentation thatsupports its purpose or thesis statement. 2. The presentationshould not be a duplication of the report but a tool to review the report withan audience.  3. Your presentationshould have a title slide, an introduction slide, a conclusion slide and aWorks Cited slide.4.  Add an appropriate theme to yourpresentation.5. All slides should havea title and use bullets not paragraphs to outline your points on theslides. 6. Insert page numbers onall slides.7. Please add notes toyour slides to use as a reference while giving/making your presentation.8. Embed at least 2 graphics/imagesin an appropriate place in the presentation. Images should be properlycaptioned and cited.9. Embed one of thecharts you created in the Excel Test in an appropriate place in thepresentation. Charts should be properly captioned and cited.10. Add at least one typeof transition and animation into your presentation. 11. Cite your graphic,chart and information in your presentation to which you do not own the rights.12. Save the file asLastname_PowerPointFinal and submit it into Blackboard when you are done withthis part of the test.

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