please do your online research and answer the following questions:

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I choose Costco Retail
please do your online research and answer the following questions:

  1. When was the company founded?
  2. Where was the company founded?
  3. Where is the company currently headquartered?
  4. What type of retailer is your company (general merchandise, food or service retailer) and what specific kind of retailer is it within that type (make sure to refer to Chapter 2 for help here).
  5. What is the company’s mission statement? (THIS MAY OR MAY NOT BE PUBLIC INFORMATION…do not spend too much time trying to find this if it is not on the company’s website – if you cannot find the mission statement, please list the company’s slogan used in advertising).
  6. How many U.S. locations does the company have?
  7. How many Michigan locations does the company have?
  8. Does your retailer have a retail website – if yes, what is that site?
  9. Who do you think it the target market for your retailer? Flash back here to MKTG 1010 and describe them by using demographics, geographics, psychographics, behavior and/or benefits sought


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