please edit my work down below. Make sure that all my commas

please edit my work down below. Make sure that all my commas and apostrophes are in the correct spot. You can reword anything that sounds better for you to make this work excellent. I need this back in 20 mins finished!November 13,2015 is an indispensable day for millions of people to remember. Screaming’s ofterror were heard on the streets of Paris, tears dripping down one’s cheek andblood dripping from bodies continuously. Many families were left with deepsorrow over the deliberate killings in Paris. Innocent lives were taken away,leaving the world in shock. The Parisshootings lead up to relative issues to be discussed with global citizens andpoliticians in this problematic world. Children are dying of hunger,unimpeachable lives are being lost, religious hatred rising and terrorismincreasing by day by day. War hastroubled our citizens in this world. Some don’t have a choice to stop this thisissue and have to relocate to another safer location to live their life.Refugees are a prime example of people afflicted by war. Thousands of refugeesare fleeing their families to safer locations. Many have a stand againstaccepting and welcoming refugees to Canada and some determine it as a benefitto us. Refugees canbring a positive and a beneficial impact to our country. Canada’s economy cancreate more jobs, which can benefit unemployed people. Immigrants can bring anddevelop different skills that can help our working environment. They canincrease the competition in business, leaving companies and businesses moremoney. Migrant crisis is increasing in a large amount. We should step up andhelp them. They are humans like us… They should have the right to live in asafe country like us! This worldneeds more peace, love and unity. Let’s stop sending our soldiers to countriesto fight, but to send books and pencils. Education can bring us unity ratherthan to fight. Don’t forget to remember about those in Afghanistan, Palestine,Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and other countries too. The media never refers nor caresabout those in poor countries ( most often middle eastern countries).

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