Please login to my student account, and contribute tons of posts TO THE DISCUSSION BOARD over the next 72 hours!

I’m studying for my Business class and need an explanation.

Login to my online class discussion board.

I need you to start out by making your own initial post responding to the following questions:

Keeping Chapter 9 and 10 in mind please answer this discussion question. If you were making a speech to company (Use the company you currently work for or any company you have worked for or volunteered previously) personnel, what would you tell them about the kind of corporate culture you would like to have at your company? What specific cultural traits would you like your company to exhibit? Explain.

When you are finished making your post, I would like for you to please review and respond to at least 3 of your classmate’s posts giving them comments on their post. Please create good dialogue with them and bounce ideas back and forth with them. Make sure that you are giving them your opinions and feedback on their posts.. Remember this type of discussion is a way of elevating conversations regarding this material. It will make me happy inside.

Login information for the book and student account will be provided once a tutor is selected!


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