please read and revise for any mistakesThe story A Clean Wel

please read and revise for any mistakesThe story A Clean Well-Lighted Place pivots around a young waiter who has everything he could possibly want and surrounding him are discontented people. This short story consists of three significant characters: a young waitress who is in a rush and wants to go home to his wife, an old man who prefers getting drunk in a cafe rather than a bar and an old waitress who understands what the man is going through. The young waiter has a hard time understanding why he prefers staying at an empty cafe to drink when there are a bunch of bars. He At one point in the story, the waiter hints to himself that he is suffering from insomnia. However, his self-diagnoses are incorrect. The old waitress wants to avoid going home simply because he doesn’t have anyone to go home to. He knows that if he were to go home he would be lonely so instead of going home he stays at a bar. The waiters feels as though he’s missing something.

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