Please respond &nbspwith 200 words 12 font times roman,citation

Please respond  with 200 words 12 font times roman,citation,references.Please provide feed back for to the following:The best and most important decision I made this week was lowering the internet pricesand the wholesale prices in all four regions. I didn’t want to but themarket dictated that it was necessary. It worked in our favor as it madeus directly competitive with our competition on price. This worked toour advantage as we have the highest quality shoe in the industry. Bothretailers and customers preferred our shoe to our competition. Thecompany is continuing to grow. Our EPS, revenues and stock price are thehighest in the industry and should remain so as long as we anticipatechanges and make sound decisions. Our ROE is above the industry averagebut not the highest in the industry so we are not satisfied it. I amaware that it is difficult to maintain a consistently high ROE while thecompany is growing both financially and through assets. Great O willcontinue to buy capacity when it is available and move forward

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