Please respond with 1 page report, 12 font times romans, cit

Please respond with 1 page report, 12 font times romans, citations,references.For this assignment,review your submitted work completed in week 3 and submit a one page report onwhether you can ensure the results of your week 3 assignment will providevalidity and reliability. Modify your week 3 assignment to ensure it providesvalidity and reliability. Support your response citing sources on validity andreliability.Week 3  Assignment is below: LMS Questionnaire  1.  IntroductionDear student, Good day! The school is aiming todo some changes to the learning management system (LMS) to better serve yon alland help achieve your satisfaction. The IT management would wish to know yourexperience with the existing learning management system and any improvementsthat you may perceive helpful for optimal system performance. By the need ofthe survey, the management wishes to know your satisfactory rate and yourexpectations level concerning the system. Your response will significantly helpin the modifications of the system thus the school requires you to be open andhonest while filling in the questionnaires. Kindly fill in as instructed. Incase you need any clarifications please contact us for clarity. 2.  QuestionsGuidelines: Kindly indicate yourdegree of disagreement or agreement with every of the following statementsconcerning the existing learning management system in the school. Put an Xlabel as you answer. Also leave a brief but precise comment where the questionobligates you to do so. Q1. How many times in a week do you interact withthe LMS?______________.Q2. Do you successfully operate the system withoutassistance?□ Yes □ NoIf No, why?_________________________________________________Q3. Please choose your extent of agreement for the followingstatement  Sturdily Agree Agree Neutralstand DisagreeOr Sturdily Disagree i. The system is user friendly.   ______________. ii. The security level of the system is high.  ___________. iii. The LMS meets my learning objectives.  _____________. iv. The LMS properly supports mobile devices.____________.Q4. To what extent does the LMS meet your learningobjectives? Explain.________________________________________________________________________________________________________.Q5. How do you perceive your general experiencewith the system?□ Very satisfactory□ Satisfactory□ Average□ Unsatisfactory□ Very UnsatisfactoryQ6. What do think we could do to make yourexperience with the LMS better? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3.  DemographicdataName: (not compulsory) _______________Age: ____ yearsGender: _______Email (optional): ______________.Afterthe questionnaires have been given out to students to feel out, they will becollected after 3 days where every student will be expected to have completedfiling his comments and views. The data will thus be checked for validity andreliability based on the consistency of the measurements provided by thestudents. The information that will be deemed reliable is the one that willexhibit repetition and concurrency from many students. The results will also bechecked for validity, that is, face, content and criterion validity. (Forbrig,et al, 2010) On the face value, the management will access if the questions arerepresenting construct as the responses depict. The content validity will beperformed to check if the every critical direction of the construct is takencare of. Most critically, the results will be stored for future comparison withrepeated surveys where concurrent validity will be evaluated (Dias, et al,2013). Content validity will occur where the use of same methods in the samecontext and under same constraints will bare similar results. After analyzingthe data, the IT team will be given the propositions for the new system so thatthey develop a system that meets users’ requirements. References‘Dias, S. B., Diniz, J. A., &Hadjileontiadis, L. J. (2013). Towards an intelligent learning managementsystem under blended learning: Trends, profiles and modeling perspectives.TC13 Human-Computer InteractionSymposium, Forbrig, P., & IFIP World Computer Congress. (2010). Human-computerinteraction: Second IFIP TC 13 Symposium, HCIS 2010, held as part of WCC 2010,Brisbane, Australia, September 20-23, 2010. Proceedings. Berlin: Springer.

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