Please see attachment to complete questionsAnalysisQuestion

Please see attachment to complete questions:AnalysisQuestions:1.  Compareyour DNA sample A with DNA sample B.  Howare they the same? How are they different?2.  How do youaccount for the differences?  3.  Theaddition of neutralization buffer in during the isolation of the plasmid DNAcauses the bacterial chromosomal DNA to precipitate with the white, soapymixture that you spin into the bottom of the tube.  The plasmid DNA remains in the aqueous toplayer when this white mixture is spun down. What might be the consequence of using too MUCH bacteria?4.  Whathappens when the lysis buffer is added to the bacterial solution?5.  Theplasmid-containing solution is loaded into the column, then washed, and thenthe plasmid is eluted with sterile water. What is the importance of the resin that is added to the plasmidmixture?  How does the resin work?6.  The DNA isvisible under ultraviolet light after gel electrophoresis because the gelcontains a fluorescent salt called ethidium bromide (which is a powerfulmutagen and should NOT be allowed to touch your skin).  This salt wedges (intercalates) between thetwo helices along the length of the DNA strand. Based on this explanation, which pieces of DNA should be most visible onthe gel?  Which should be least visible?7.  If a samplecontained only bacterial DNA which had been sheared randomly into differentsized pieces, how would it appear on the gel after electrophoresis and stainingwith ethidium bromide?plamidquest.pdf

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