Please write a 4 page Socratic dialogue about a belief you w

Please write a 4 page Socratic dialogue about a belief you would die for. A belief that I chose was ‘some law enforcement are prejudice based on an individual’s race’. So the interlocutor could be a cop. ( the person you will include in the dialogue, who will disagree with you)So you have to formulate a script basically. Of you believing your belief is valid and questioning the cop who disagrees with you. Catch them in a contradiction. ( this dialogue has to be 3 pages). EXAMPLE: me: don’t you think that law enforcement have abused their power?cop: what do you mean by that. The intro should be setting the stage. The belief, where would this be happening ( maybe nyc) Get personal real life issues. Pick a setting year. Explain why is the belief relevant to you. And then You’d go on and write a dialogue with you and the interlocutor ( the cop, you can give the cop a name) going back and forth. You can end the dialogue by saying, ‘now I’ve cleared that up lets get some tea, anything like that works Now when you are done with the dialogue be sure to write what did you learn, something interesting and how might this belief be relevant, a paragraph or two. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES, JUST CREATIVITY. OWN WORDS. The attached is also instructions.

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