Please write a short response to what is written below using

Please write a short response to what is written below using a 100-150 words. Talk about how you can relate, if you agree or disagree with what is being said and why. A project should always be planned correctly in order for it to be successful and it always depends on the project sometime you can avoid it and you would not even know their was a problem for instance in a fashion show in theater if the actors were good actors you would never know if they id something wrong they are taught to not express such concerns and to keep going.But  in another hand in building a house if you do not follow the requirements of the project this can lead to big budget concerns if it does not meet guidelines or city codes.  It is better to ask  or be a hundred percent you know what you are doing in these big projects . I DO NOT THINK I HAVE THIS PROBLEM I WOULD NOT GET INVOLVED IF I DID NOT KNOW WHAT I WAS DOING I WOULD first do research and be confident or take courses before saying I can do the project.

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