Police & Community (Reaction Essay)

Format and Directions: 1. Write 4-6 pages (double-spaced, page numbers, 12 point font, 1 inch margins, Times New Roman) for the paper.  Place a header at the top of each page with your NAME (see example above).  Insert, header, “your name.”  You will be deducted points without an appropriate header. Further, avoid writing in the first (I, we, us, our) and second (you, your) person. Essays and research papers should be written in third person. Do not use contractions. Spell out your words. For example, don’t –> do not. 2. You will be graded on substance, accuracy, organization, and clarity of argument.  In addition, you will be graded on spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.Make sure you start each essay with an INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH and finish with a CONCLUSION PARAGRAPH.  State your purpose clearly (more detail below).3. Be sure to use your lecture notes, and recommended readings from texts. You do not need outside sources for this assignment. Do not cut (or copy) and paste from the lecture notes or readings. Information used must be in your own words – no direct quotes. I want to see what you know – not what the author(s) knows.4. Be sure to use appropriate citations (APA style). Examples of within text citations: Eck and Spelman (1986) state; or, a text summary followed by (Eck and Spelman, 1986).Task: Explicitly discuss each of the following topics in your essay.  1.     Define community policing (CP).  What was the purpose behind implementing CP, and how is it intended to be implemented in police agencies. (10 points)2.     Define problem-oriented policing (POP). What does it focus upon, and are police supposed to do (both organizationally and individually) to address problems? (10 points)3.     Compare and contrast the SIMILARIATIES and DIFFERENCES between CP and POP.  As an example (you may focus on different issues as well), how do CP and POP address issues surrounding organizational structure? Accountability to citizens? The use of data? Effects on crime and/or fear? (15 points)4.     Taking into account the strengths and limitations of POP and CP, which do you believe holds more promise in terms of national implementation?  Why? (The key here is to document a few of the strengths and limitations of each approach). (15 points)Note: The introduction of your paper should outline what you will discuss in the paper; And, the conclusion should wrap-up your main points.  As an example: “The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast problem-oriented policing approaches with community policing approaches.  First, the essay describes community policing (CP) and problem-orienting policing (POP). Next, a discussion of the similarities and differences between CP and POP is provided. Lastly, the essay concludes with a discussion about …”you can use these 2 books to get some information:Braga, A.A. & D.L. Weisburd. (2010). Policing Problem Places: Crime Hot Spots and Effective Prevention. Oxford, NY: Oxford Publishers.Weisburd, D.L. & Braga, A.A. (2006). Police Innovation: Contrasting Perspectives. New York: Cambridge University Press.

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