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Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read pages 62 through 72 of the NAEYC Early Learning Program Accreditation Standards and Assessment Items (Links to an external site.). As an early childhood professional, it is important to thoroughly understand health standards. These guidelines ensure healthy environments are created for children’s safety. For this assignment, you will reflect on how knowing the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) standards supports you as an early childhood education professional.

Throughout your degree, you will be building a personal electronic portfolio called Folio. The ePortfolio tool will help you track your professional and academic progress. In the capstone, or last class, you will use the ePortfolio to reflect on your development across the degree. Once you graduate, it can also be used to demonstrate your skills and competencies to potential employers and the professional community.

This learning activity helps you add content to Folio, the ePortfolio tool this university uses. As an Ashford student, not only will you have access to Folio during your time at Ashford, but you will retain lifetime unlimited access after leaving the university, without fees or capacity limit.

  • For this assignment, you will record yourself stating your position. Your position statement should not exceed two pages and your video should not exceed a two-minute length. You may use Screencast-O-Matic (Links to an external site.), YouTube (Links to an external site.), or any other accessible recording device.
  • Develop a position statement explaining how knowing NAEYC Standard 5 will support you as an early childhood professional by answering the following prompts:
    • Discuss why it is important to know NAEYC health standards.
    • Explain how this knowledge will support creating a healthy environment.
    • Identify at least two actions for you to promote child health consistent with the NAEYC standards.
  • Record your position statement. You may want to practice a few times before you begin recording.


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