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Help me study for my Mathematics class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Your problem has combine a few concepts and you left off most of the work to bring them together. I will try to explain what you are missing as best I can without an equation editor.

(1) You have two unknown variables (m and x). It seems as if you m = 50. You should replace m with 50. But this will give you zero for the area.

(2) Your differentiation is incorrect. Re-check your work there. You also need to show how perimeter fits into this problem: 50 = 2x+2y.

(3) Maybe it will easier to just revert back to the problem we did in class, with “carpenter”. You are doing the same, but you removing the edges. Try those corrections and I will see where you are. I will give more guidance if needed. My #3 is probably the best for this problem.


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