Practitioners assisting adult patients diagnosed with schizophrenia

our study is an exploratory descriptive design, which is a qualitative study. From what I can gather, you are wanting to know how experienced are nurses in managing patients diagnosed with Schizophrenia, therefore your sample should be purposive, selecting registered nurses working in an acute care hospital emergency department. Your introduction should make this clear. I suggest that you listen again to my tegrity on Steps in Research and refer, if necessary, to the power point that I had sent through course messages. Also, you may want to look at a study I found entitled Emergency room psychiatric services: a qualitative study on nurses’ experience. You can find it at This study may not be exactly APA (different publishers require different formats and some have word limits), but it should give you some idea how to set up a qualitative study and the overall format. For example, Under the introduction, you do not have separate subheadings for your research question. In a qualitative study you do not have a directional hypothesis because you are building hypotheses as you conduct your study. One of the significance of doing a qualitative study is that there is little known about your topic.



I also recommend that you read in your Polit and Beck about your study design.

You will need to redo your introduction to reflect the design that you are using to guide your study. Of course your methodology will change too. You may still be able to use some of the sources that you have cited in either your introduction or under the Review of Literature.

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