Preschool Video Observation

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> 5-7 pages (Not Including Work cited Page)’

>APA Format

>Notice that each video is linked to a chapter in the text and you are asked to relate what you observed in the video to what the text has to say about the topic.

Focused Observations

1. After watching this video, what did you learn about the language and literacy skills of a preschool aged child? Think about vocabulary, sentence length and structure, conversation skills, and listening skills. What did you find in Chapter 9 that relates to your observations?

Focused Observations

2. After watching this video, what are some of the developmental benefits of dramatic play for young children. For example, in this play example, how did the children use language? What cognitive concepts were enhanced? What social skills were practiced? What did you find in Chapters 9 and 10 that support your observations?

Focused Observations

3. After watching this video, describe what cognitive concepts the children are using in their play. How did this activity build both language and cognitive skills in addition to social skills? What did you find in Chapter 9 that supports your observations?

Focused Observations

4. After watching this video, describe six gross motor skills that you observed and what the norm age is for children to master that skill. You will find the information to support your observation in Chapter 8.

*Please note: The observation must be typed, using a size 12 font and double-line spacing. Include a reference page with the textbook listed below using APA format. Please review your written work carefully for mechanics (spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc.) before submitting your assignment.

**Important Information to know**

1. Read the text material before you make your observation. Relate it to the concepts you are asked to observe. Be aware of the milestones you are going to look for in the areas of physical development, cognitive/language development, or psychosocial development before you begin.

2. Watch the videos provided (maybe watch them more than once), take notes as you watch, and answer each question carefully using the information from the text to support your answers.

3. You must include your textbook as one of your references! At the end of your observations, please follow the APA format to referencing the textbook: Martorell, G. (2020). Child 2e. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. Your reference page should not say Works Cited (that is not APA style)

Referencing the Textbook APA Format: Martorell, G. (2020). Child 2e. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.


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