PROJECT GOAL: Create a multimedia presentation in which you will present information about being a FOOD SERVICE DIRECTOR/RESTAURANT MANAGER. In addition, write a reflective paragraph about the product and process.MUST USE THE SOURCES PROVIDED IN THE ATTACHMENT For your presentation, include the following elements:Select and use a presentation tool, such as PowerPointFor your content, YOUR CAREER FIELD IS FOOD SERVICE DIRECTOR/RESTAURANT MANAGER1) Include a presentation title, your name as author(A, the date, and your course name/section number/session/year.(Just include title slide, information will be filled later)2)After the title page of your presentation, Introduce your topic on a new slide – summarize the project’s topic3)On a separate slide, describe your field of study or career interest(HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT) – explain how food service relates to your discipline or career interest4) 5) 6)Provide cited facts about potential salary, work conditions, type of activities included, or other details you have selected, using four (4) or more varied sources. SOURCES ARE PROVIDED, MAKE SURE TO USE PAYSCALE.COMProvide at least four (4) source citations (sources are attached, just find 2 more sources)9) Include a Reference (Works Cited, Bibliography) page/slide at the end of  your presentation.In addition to an audio-narrated presentation, include at least two (2) more different media forms that enhance your presentation: images, graphics, animation, videos, or audio.(VERY IMPORTANT)8) Write a 5-8 sentence paragraph reflecting on the finished product and overall process. Your paragraph is to be included in the presentation.(FINAL SLIDE BEFORE THE BIBLIOGRAPHY)Include enough slides to fully develop your presentation.

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