Principles of Epidemiology APA Style Question

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Week 2

Principles of Epidemiology APA Style Question

Part 1

Discussion Prompt 1-3 Paragraphs

Choose from one of following age groups:

  • 3–6
  • 7–10
  • 11–14
  • 15–18

Case: State funding for a childhood injury prevention program has just become available. To gather baseline data on childhood injuries, the staff is discussing whether to conduct a survey or to establish a surveillance system.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these two approaches. Support your ideas with citations and references, and use epidemiological terminology you learned this week. Use APA Style.

In your replies to peers, be sure to discuss similarities and differences between your chosen age group and their groups. Additionally, discuss the similarities and differences in the chosen surveys and surveillance systems of your peers.

Part 2 (Please Separate this part to a different Word Document)

Week 2 Assignment: Environmental Exposures and Human Health

Objective: To explain and evaluate the ways that environmental exposures affect human health.


After reading the chapters assigned this week and viewing the infographic on preventable causes of foodborne illness from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, address the following scenario:

Imagine you are the healthcare administrator of a 180-bed facility. Susan is a kitchen assistant who works in your healthcare facility. Susan was recently in contact with a family member who has influenza, then came to work with severe sniffles and sneezes. She also felt hot, and then cold, and had a few body aches. Susan believes she cannot afford to stay home, so she went to work and did not tell anyone how she was feeling. Susan assisted in the preparation of three meals before the chef noticed her physical condition and sent her home.

In a one- to two-page paper in APA Style, address the following:

  • What contributing factors put your patients and other staff members at risk?
  • What food preparation practices that Susan was involved in put the patients and other staff members at risk?
  • Which of the top four contributing factors has Susan committed by coming to work as a kitchen assistant in your healthcare facility?

Include a title page and a reference list. You must cite and reference the infographic and at least one other source. You may use your text as a source.

Remember to always cite your sources using APA Style 7th edition format. Be sure to support your paper with references from the week’s readings and other relevant resources.


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